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At Schwinn we love to hear from our customers and brand supporters. You are always welcome to contact us with questions on your bike, comments on our service, and stories of your Schwinn adventures.

Contact Customer Service

To reach our Schwinn customer support team please fill out the following form by clicking the contact us button located in the bottom right corner of the page. 

We are also available via phone: in the US 1 (800) 626-2811 and in Canada 1 (877) 758-4741.

Here in the United States we are open from 7am - 6pm central, Monday through Friday, and will do our best to respond quickly to you. 

Have Questions About Your Bike?

Pro Tip: if you have a question on a bike, we may have already answered it for another Schwinn loyalist – so search our Schwinn Help Topics and you could have the answer in less time than it takes to fill your water bottle.

Also be sure to register your bicycle. That way we can help you track your Schwinn if it ever gets stolen and we can send you any safety and warranty information if you need it.