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How to Bike With Your Dog

Biking with man's best friend is more fun. Schwinn has the ultimate guide for how to bike with your dog, whether you have them on a leash, in a dog-specific trailer, or in a basket attached to your bike.

Guide to Biking in the Winter

Making sure your bike is properly maintained is important throughout the entire year, but it is even more critical for winter riding. Here is a quick guide for how to properly take care of your bike during the winter.

What to Wear When Biking in the Winter

Nobody wants to be too cold while biking during the wintertime. Here is a guide for how to make the right choices when it comes to clothing for winter biking.

Biking to School: Why, When, and How

We offer some tips on how to get your child ready to bike to school on their own. There are things you can do as a parent to help ease them into independence so they can bike to school safely and with confidence.

Criterium Racing: What Is It and How to Get Started

Curious about crit racing? Seasoned racer Anna Affias gives a look into what criterium racing is and how you can get started.

Where to Ride Your Schwinn Bike

Not sure which types of terrain your bicycle is best suited for? We break down the acceptable different types of terrain for each category of bikes Schwinn has to offer.

The Guide to Kids' Bike Sizes by Height and Age

Not sure which bike size is the right fit for your child? Our kids' bike size chart will help you determine the correct size bicycle that your child needs. 

How to Buy the Right Bike for You

We go through the three most important questions to ask yourself before deciding which bicycle to buy.

Bike Style Guide: Road

The Road Bike Style Guide goes over the road bike category, including the differences between drop-bar and flat-bar handlebars, frame materials, pedals, and more.

Bike Style Guide: Hybrid

The Hybrid Bike Style Guide goes over the basics of the hybrid bike category. If you are looking for a versatile bike that is functional yet comfortable, a hybrid would be your best bet. Check out this guide to learn more about hybrids.

Bike Style Guide: Commuter

In our Commuter Bike Style Guide, we give an in-depth look at the commuter category of bicycles that Schwinn offers.

Learn to Ride Guide: Removing Training Wheels

Teaching your child how to ride a bike is an incredible milestone! But it can also be stressful for both the parent and the child.  Use this guide to help you get started teaching your child how to ride a bike with training wheels.